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Universal Energy for all Skills

The Basic Level called X1 consists of 5 levels. X1 is the basic for the subsequent courses X2, X3, Y1, Y2, Y3, Z1, Z2. If you want to follow a course then you must have followed the eventual previous courses . X1 Skills represents the Basic level, X2 Skills comparable Intermediate 1, X3 Skills comparable Intermediate 2, Y1 Skills comparable Advanced Level 1, Y2 Skills comparable Advanced Level 2, Y3 Skills comparable ORIENTAL PHILOSOPHY I / II / III, Z1 Skills comparable Application Spiritual Science I and II, Z2 Skills comparable Applied Spiritual Science , Z3 UNITY in ALL

X1 Skill (1-5)

X1 Skills course (duration: 1 day):
•    What is Universal Energy
•    explanation chakras
•    breathing technique
•    grounding
•    activation chakras 100%
•    Learning to spin the chakras
•    meditation exercises
•    Energy reception and transmission
•    connect to what you see and not see


X2 Skill (5.1-6)

X2 skills course consists of two parts (duration: 1 day):

Part 1
•    Remote Working
•    Brains and meditation (pineal gland pituitary gland)

•    feeling give and receive energy through your connection with everything

Part 2
•    explanation (double) pyramid
•    receive and transmit energy to Groups
•    exercise double pyramid

X3 Skill (7-7 +)

X3 Skill course consists of two parts (duration: 1 day):

Part 1
•    small pyramid visualization

•    prayer in a certain frequency to connect.
•    Antenna

Part 2
•    Combined frequencies

•    explanation of different energies

•    Communications

Skill Y1 (11-13)

Skill Y1 course consists of two parts (duration: 1 day):

Part 1
•    Energy from space
•    Telepathic communication