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Universal Energy for all explanation

Universal Energy explanation

Universal Energy for all has as mission to activate the chakra's for the people, without charging money, not that money is good or bad, but because we want UE to be free for everyone. We want to be an anonymous instrument of God, like-minded people who want to work together side by side with respect for the individuality of every one. We want to help both the visseble and the invissible world and leave traces of love.

UE for each. org is a preliminary contact point where everyone in the Netherlands that opens chakras for free can register there participants .

Within are people who taught themselves UE and who wish to meet or assist other trainers.

From out of love we want to work, not from hierarchical structures.

There is much work: on the street, at monuments and sites, workplaces, at schools, nursing homes, orphanages, prisons, hospitals, etc.


We all have our own backgrounds and places in our society, who feel for UE and to spread it without conditions?

First, we offer three course levels:

X skills

Y skills

Z skills

Those, who want to think about the content of the beginners course and composition of the course material, can register so that we can establish a working group.

For the logo we chose an waving landscape with the sun above that together form a snake. Remarks:

Life goes with ups and downs, the world we experience growing all sorts of "turbulence", but there is universal energy to restore harmony. The snake as a symbol of transformation is represented by the suns. Globally everyone's inner sun next to the other. By connecting us all together we act to bring unification in order to create peace and health for all life on earth.

Simplicity, approachability, respect for the education we have received from Master Dang, respect for everyone who gives courses and those who receive it, we want to work from.

Shape decisiveness to UE so that we as people support each other during the changes, that are going on.

That may contribute to mutual loving relationship.