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Univesal energy for all Course

Universal Energy for all courses are given in steps. First you start with the basic that consist out of five levels. Following this, several courses are possible, divided into X Y and Z levels. Activating Chakras to 100%, simple meditation from where you sit or stand, practical techniques without to much theory, all contributing to greater harmony in yourself and therefore also to your surrounding.

Every human can take these Universal Energy courses (from 12-18 years with parental consent) through simple exercises. The exercises are meant for everyone without vigorous exercise, but just by sitting / standing at home, outdoors or at work.

The Basic Level called X1 consists of 5 levels. X1 is the basic for the subsequent courses X2, X3, Y1, Y2, Y3, Z1, Z2. If you want to follow a course then you must have followed the eventual previous courses . X1 Skills represents the Basic level, X2 Skills , X3 Skills , Y1 Skills , Y2 Skills, Y3 Skills , Z1 Skills , Z2 Skills  are sequential steps to unity and knowing by practicing . Z3 UNITY in ALL is the new seminar coming summer 2012.

All courses are free if it is for a small group. Donations are welcome. As for the refreshments and materials that you receive a small donation is requested. At home courses are also available if you have mobile difficulties. Universal Energy for all program.


Luong Minh Dang :


It should be noted that chakra 7 and the ultra cells have a dazzling golden light of extremely high frequency. This frequency alters all the other cells of our body, making them vibrate at a higher and higher frequency each day, until they reach nirvana or felicity or paradise. These ultra cells have a special makeup. For the moment, we will call them cells which produce luminous electricity. They follow the immortal and imperishable soul, and when it reincarnates in a body, they enter into the brain of that body. We can consider them as an electric generator of supernatural power with many functions and effects, and with unlimited applications. If we learn to use these ultra cells, we will be able to accomplish supernatural feats and, naturally, we will become special human beings.