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Daniela Marin on the last meditation connection Romania Netherlands held February 20, 2022.


 Take a moment
By Daniela Marin in uncategorized on March 6, 2022One comment
You are important because you are here, on Earth, now.
You are part of them. They are part of you.
Take a moment, an hour, a day and look deep down into yourself. Is there peace in there, is there love?

Are you at peace with all the people in your life, with all the people you are interacting with?
Do you participate in global meditations for peace out of fear, the very opposite of love?
Is there any sign of hypocrisy you might notice?
Are your own thoughts/intentions and your actual actions in your hourly/daily life originating from love? Do they manifest peace?
Could you admit the presence of hypocrisy in yourself if it would be shown to you?

Is there anyone you are at war with?
Is there any grudge, or hatred, or simply an “impossible to forgive” feeling inside your system?
Is there any sign of desire to punish someone for what you feel, what you are, what you think, what you experience?
Is there any fear that you might be losing something if you don’t show yourself on one side or another?
Is there any past situation that you haven’t managed to heal until now, any sadness or any upsetting memory that you still haven’t healed, illuminated with your true love?

Could you literally experience pure love and compassion now?
Would your light up your whole being and radiate such a state on and for the entire humankind?
Is there any chance that you might find in yourself preferences, favouring anything else but non-violent actions and thoughts towards peace?
Could you find yourself “extracted” from everything you dislike about humankind while your body is still part of the humankind?
Do you really feel you are a part of humankind?
Could you truly see that you are not just mirroring the whole, but actively participating into this whole world which is showing you the truth, the real truth of humanity at this stage?

Can you realize that your actions/intentions/thoughts/feelings can create a tsunami in other parts of the world?
Have you ever stolen someone else’s ideas, have you ever lied about your identity with the purpose of gain? Do you realize that you have lost your integrity?
Do you realize that if you are not integrous, you are only adding yourself to the “side” you might be now pointing your finger to?
Have you ever manipulated people in order to obtain something for yourself?
Do you want to be respected?

Now, think of the word “peace”. Focus on this word only and observe what you feel, what is happening in your personal system – physically, psychologically, spiritually. Observe, understand, but don’t judge. Stop placing yourself in a blame-and-guilt state or, on the contrary, in a self-admiring state. Simply observe. Learn the truth. It could be enough to start the transformation process, the process of becoming peace. Then, the word will become alive, it will live in you and you will live all its primordial meanings. You will understand how this word came into existence. You will become able to solve the anomalies. You will transcend the antagonistic pair: war-peace.

You will become love.

Unless people make peace in themselves with themselves, until people make peace with their god in themselves, there will be no peace on Earth.

May there be peace in our souls and bodies NOW, while we are alive!