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Universal Energy for all

Hello All

Due to the new updates, there were errors and it was no longer possible to send emails or register for a course.

Mail works again let us know if you want to take a course.


Courses Universele Energy 

Please take contact when you are interested.

Given by teachers of the UE4ALL school in Holland.
For questions about the seminars take contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Universal Energy 4 All  courses 2024 program (we are already full)

Level X1 zondag 25 Februar

Level X2 zondag 17 March

Level X3 zondag 14 April

Level Y1 zondag 26 Mai

Level Y2 zondag 23 June

Level Y3 zondag 11 August

Level Z1 zondag 8 September

For the Netherlands and "Global"
Universal Energy courses X1 to Z1 in Zoetermeer and "Global"