Meester Dang Universele EnergieHello ,the new courses for the coming months are published. 

It may be that when there is enough interest an X1 course can be organized the date is not set yet. Email us if you are interested. When enough are interested we will give the basic course X1. Following this, there are several other courses possible if you want to proceed. See 'COURSE' for an explanation.

Universal Energy courses 2018/2019



Level X1 :    Sunday 18 November van 10:00 tm 16:00. audithors are welcome


X2: Za. 22 sept
       Zo. 23 sept
X3: Za. 10 nov
      Zo. 11 nov


Y1: Za. 12 jan
      Zo. 13 jan
Y2: Za. 9 mrt.
      Zo. 10 mrt
Y3: Za. 11 mei
      Zo. 12 mei
Z1: Za. 6 juli
       Zo. 7 juli

Given by teachers of the UE4ALL school in Holland.
For questions about the seminars This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address of the event:

location Rotterdam Devine Yoga and Healing

Grondherenstraat 62



For Holland (the Netherlands) and  "Global"

see events for 2018 Universele Energie cursussen X1 tm Z4 in Zoetermeer en "Global"


The Quantum Activist : Amit Goswami - Movie Trailer

In quantum physics are objects not determined things , objects are possibilities . Possibilities of what ? Possibilities of consciousness to chose from . And GOD we talked about in terms of science which always analyses , reduce the things to other things , GOD is supposed to be this whole thing (wholychilada???) How can we ever talk about GOD in scientific terms, let alone try to find scientific evidence for GOD . This is a very good question We have literally managed to train whole generations of kids on the idea that everything is material .This evolutionary step is completely sensible for even basic survivability of human being on this planet. There is definitely scientific evidence for the existence of god And then my question to you , so what are you doing about it ? Now you can call it GOD if you like , you not have to ,it is objective (detached, unprejudiced, unbiased, impartial) It is objective and it is scientific